‘GMB’s Piers Morgan needs to get a tattoo – they’re sexy’ says Ryan-Mark Parsons

Here we go again.

Piers Morgan is moaning about another irrelevant issue, adding to the list that so far includes vegan sausage rolls, papooses, and iPhone emojis… He’s a serious journalist, guys.

The loud-mouthed Good Morning Britain presenter has now caused public outcry after stating teachers who have tattoos should not be allowed to work in schools.

Come on!

I don’t love tattoos either – they’re sexy – but I would never get one.

However, a bit of ink on a teacher’s arm doesn’t affect their ability to do their job.

Surely you agree this sounds stupid and I’m surprised Piers is taking such an unintelligent stance.

I’ve agreed with him on many issues, but I can’t stand by him on this one and nor should you.

Headteacher Lee Hill appeared on the morning show, after reports he removed Sir Walter Raleigh, Admiral Nelson, and Francis Drake from the curriculum.

Now, that’s ridiculous. It also demonstrates the issue we’re facing right now in tackling wokeness; only yesterday Hasbro announced the Mr and Mrs Potato Head branding will become gender-neutral.

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What’s going on with the world?

Focus on stuff that matters, like educating our children.

Piers begrudged “Lord Nelson wouldn’t have allowed [tattoos]”, claiming the body art demonstrates a “lack of standards”.

He also claimed teachers should “set an example”, which is totally ironic, considering Piers often has a lot to say about body positivity campaigners, yet isn't the trimmest TV host going…

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Yet, he fronts a national morning show on a major broadcaster and is therefore setting a poor example for bad health; broadcasting to millions, young and old, up and down the country with 30 chins.

What does he have to say about that?

I know Piers can give it, but he can’t take it sometimes.

I challenge Piers to lose weight, set a better example to the nation, and then he might have more jurisdiction to criticise teachers with a few markings on their arms.

I also feel Piers is being culturally insensitive – in some parts of the world, especially tribal regions, tattoos are a mark of their community and discriminating based on a tribal identity is wrong, no matter how he might try to justify it.

Open your eyes. We’ve also got to look at iconic celebrities, global role models, who are proud of their tattoos.

Let’s start with David Beckham, he’s got sleeves, neck tattoos, and is probably inked all over his body (Victoria will tell you) — he’s a national treasure, globally revered, and a role model for many.

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Next up is Harry Styles, millions of adoring fans, talented professional, international success… Guess what? Covered in tattoos.

Even Cheryl Cole, a good friend of Piers Morgan, also plastered in tattoos.

She made headlines years ago when she covered her whole bottom in large rose tattoo.

Does Piers think Cheryl sets a bad example and has no standards? I doubt it, or at least he wouldn’t say it to her face.

Anyway, let’s embrace the tattoo, it’s sexy and fun, and although I would never get one, let’s not judge others who decide to get inked.

Now I am tempted to get a tattoo of Susanna Reid… I’m sure Piers would love it.

'Kim, do you still have the receipts?'

  • Kim Kardashian's cleavage spills out of tiny string bikini amid Kanye West divorce

Kim better have all the Cartier receipts, as reports suggest Kanye is trying to sell some of the jewellery he bought for the reality superstar.

Kanye recently said, “I don’t want to be connected to the Kardashian brand anymore”, but darling, that’s too late.

He’s been in the shadow of Kim ever since they married.

Kim eclipses him on social media, and for a control freak like Kanye, exerting a lesser influence must be quite painful.

I feel he radicalised Kim; embarrassed the family during his failed presidential campaign; and let’s not talk about Twitter.

I’m glad he’s gone, and I’m sure Kim won’t mind handing a few jewels over if that gets rid of him.

Mr and Mrs Potato Head? No, just ‘Potato Head’

  • Mr Potato Head goes gender-neutral with fans fuming 'where is this s**t going to end?'

The toy giant Hasbro announced they’re dropping the "Mr" from the brand name and logo of the potato toys.

What is going on here?

Seriously, sometimes I feel like the only one left with sense on this planet, particularly my generation of wokies who force the gender-neutral agenda so ardently to the extent that a potato toy must be brought into the conversation.

Stop! Stop at once.

No to Covid drama

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We’re so bored, the pandemic has been turned into a drama

Really? It’s been announced Kenneth Branagh will play Boris Johnson in an upcoming coronavirus drama airing on Sky Atlantic called The Sceptred Isle.

The production will chart events surrounding Covid-19, and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to tune-in.

We have lived through several lockdowns since March 2020 — who wants to relive the misery?!

Let’s be real, once this apocalypse is over, I will be actively avoiding Boris Johnson as much as possible, most certainly not watching a drama about him.


Love Island changes

  • Love Island's Curtis Pritchard booed off stage as crude sex act joke falls flat

Love Island should be axed, but at least they’re making changes I have publicly advocated for, it’s a dangerous show that has produced at least three deaths and probably further victims that have suffered turmoil after appearing on the series.

Are contestants getting the right support? Are producers even screening the contestants to check if they’re able to cope with the onslaught of media attention?

These are important questions that must be addressed by ITV.

Nonetheless, according to new reports, the audition process has become more stringent, with three rounds of testing to ensure each contestant is psychologically prepared.

I hope this makes a difference, as one more death will be the death of Love Island… forever.

ITV have previously explained their mental health care process, saying support is available throughout the show as well as afterwards.

Wayne Lineker and Chloe Ferry… Match made in Magaluf

  • Wayne Lineker floors Celebs Go Dating fans as he lusts after date's armpits

Ah, a classic love story. It’s like Beauty and Beast, except both are beasts.

Wayne and Chloe pretended they'd got engaged in a recent Instagram post, before admitting it was a joke.

The pair could be seen posing together with a large diamond on Chloe’s finger and a snap looking deeply into Wayne’s eyes.

They weren't convincing social media users and they certainly were not convincing me.

A desperate PR stunt, but even I can admit it’s funny.

Yet, the two are really made for each other, they both have one brain cell, love partying, and famous for no particular reason.

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