Hear Kitten’s Lovesick New Single ‘Goodbye Honeymoon Phase’

Kitten has debuted the title track off their forthcoming EP Goodbye Honeymoon Phase. This EP follows up 2018’s Pink Champagne.

On the spunky “Goodbye Honeymoon Phase,” a public lovers’ spat is being narrowly avoided. “I’m slurrin’ all my words/You hit me where it hurts/Somehow it only gets worse/Goodbye honeymoon phase,” lead singer Chloe Chaidez delivers on the song’s chorus.

Kitten was formed in 2009 in Los Angeles by a then-teenage Chaidez. She has remained the sole consistent member of the power-pop unit. Kitten has released one full-length album, 2014’s Kitten, and have opened for acts like Paramore, Charli XCX, Paramore and Gary Numan.

Chaidez currently also plays guitar in the Charli XCX-formed band Nasty Cherry. Chaidez had met XCX when Kitten opened for her on tour, leading the pair to keep in touch. Chaidez tells Rolling Stone that “Goodbye Honeymoon Phase” was written after an “inspired” Nasty Cherry writing session with XCX. “I call the sound Avril Lavigne meets PC Music,” she details. “It’s a special one for me.”

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