Hear Taylor Swift Celebrate Pride With Pointed New Single ‘You Need to Calm Down’

Taylor Swift has followed up “Me!” with “You Need to Calm Down,” the second single off her forthcoming seventh album. Earlier today, Swift revealed that Lover will be released on August 23rd.

The song’s titular phrase was first previewed in the music video for “Me!” when Brendon Urie utters it in French during the opening scene. On the song, Swift once again tackles the haters and all the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, pondering why they invest so much time in negativity. As the song progresses, she shows her support for GLAAD (as confirmed in the lyric video) and the LGBTQ community. On the song’s third verse, she wonders why powerful women are always pitted against one another and shows her support for other strong female stars.

Swift’s huge dedication of “You Need to Calm Down” to the gay rights movement comes on the heels of a recent statement she made in support of Tennessee’s Equality Act. She penned an open letter to Republican senator Lamar Alexander, urging him to support the bill, which will provide protections against discrimination in various public accommodations.

Swift took to Instagram Live earlier today to announce details about Lover. The album will be released on August 23rd and four different deluxe versions will be made available for the physical release. Though she did not reveal the official track list, the album will include 18 songs along with voice memos from her songwriting and recording sessions, just like on deluxe editions of 1989. She also previewed a collaboration with designer Stella McCartney, though details have yet to be revealed.

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