Inside Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s life together as new BBC show airs

Chris and Rosie Ramsey have aired their new TV show, The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show, together on the BBC.

Plenty of couples out there would like their own show but it is the Geordie duo that have made this fantasy a reality, with a new show full of laughs and memorable moments.

They already have a podcast together, Sh**ged Married Annoyed, that has proved very popular and their respective careers mean they can afford a beautiful £1.5 million property in Northumberland, bidding their native South Shields goodbye.

Their combined net worth is not known, but Chris is believed to have earned around £5million from his comedy career and also his appearances on Strictly Come Dancing.

So who are the popular couple and how did they get together?

How did Chris and Rosie Ramsey get together?

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Chris and Rosie Ramsey got together after knowing each other after growing up in South Shields, but didn't bump into each other properly until they were in the same nightclub in 2012.

Speaking to Living North Magazine, Rosie said: “Chris and I have known each other since we were 14-years-old. We went to different schools, and we used to play out in the same street, and then we went to the same college.

"So we’ve always known each other. Then we met properly on a night out and it went from there, the rest is history."

They got married in 2014 and welcomed their first child, Robin, a year later. Robin, now five, was eventually joined by one-year-old Rafe.

Their close relationship and seemingly great communication and relationship skills mean they started their own podcast, which became hugely popular, eventually developing into a sold-out tour, a best-selling book and TV show.

All about their life and home and how they can sometimes become annoyed with each other, Chris revealed recording Sh**ged Married Annoyed is "off limits" if the two have had an actual row.

He told Radio Times: "It's a balancing act sometimes because we think we've got to be in the right mood, so we know on podcast day not to have a go at each other. It's all sunshine and rainbows until we sit down at that podcast. We've created a very strange working environment."

Chris said of the podcast: "We like to separate work, social life, marriage and family life, but they do sometimes bleed into one another.

"At the end of the day, though, we’ve always said that our marriage is more important than anything."

Who is Rosie Ramsey?

Rosie Ramsey is a podcast host and presenter and is the wife of comedian Chris Ramsey.

Rosie has co-hosted Capital Radio's drive-time chat show in the Northeast and has conducted interviews with the likes of John Cena and Lesley Mann.

Typically candid with her audience, Rosie once explained one of the toughest and most difficult times for the couple, with Rosie suffering a miscarriage between the births of hers and Chris' two children.

She said on Vicky Pattison's The Secret To podcast: "I don't want to sound dramatic, but it was one of the worst things that's ever happened in my life."

The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show started on Monday, May 16 at 9pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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