Katie Price refuses painkillers for broken feet as she fears she’ll get addicted

Katie Price has spoke about the agonising pain she faces on a daily basis after refusing painkillers for her broken feet due to fearing that she could become addicted.

The 42-year-old admitted that she's swerving any medication as she recovers from her painful injury after becoming overwhelmed with worry that she may later need to be weaned off of the tablets.

Last year, during a family trip to Turkey Katie had a freak accident after she'd fallen off a 25ft wall, shattering both of her feet in the process.

At the time, the reality star was rushed to hospital to undergo a lengthy eight-hour surgery that should eventually enabled her to have the ability to walk again.

The mum-of-five explains that she's still in excruciating pain every day but still refuses to ease her suffering with painkillers.

She told The Sun: "I've been given two sets of painkillers but I can't take them because I'm scared of becoming addicted, so I'm just in constant pain."

Although Katie has returned to her feet again, she is unable to stand up for more than 20 minutes each time.

Speaking about her agony, she added: "It feels like you’re being electrocuted — like shocks of lightning shooting up my feet all day," she told the publication.

"I've got a limp when I walk now as one leg is longer than the other because of all the metal in the foot — I waddle like a duck. It does make me feel a bit paranoid."

Katie has previously explained that she is now taking part in frequent physiotherapy sessions in a bid to stem the discomfort of her injuries after an arch of one of her feet collapsed.

The former Page 3 star also said she'd found the entire process "emotionally very hard" as she now fears that she may be "crippled for life".

Coming to terms with being disabled at the moment and needing additional aid, she has now applied for a blue badge following the incident, meaning she will be able to park closer to entrances of various places.

She told the publication: "I will never be the same, I've had to accept that, but I’m staying positive, the accident has changed my life and it's only just sunk in if I'm honest."

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