Kerry Katona’s daughter Lilly-Sue says she’s a witch but ‘wouldn’t curse anyone’

Lilly-Sue McFadden, 17 has revealed that she's a practising witch.

The teen has been casting spells, using tarot cards and meeting up with a coven of other witches.

The 18-year-old, daughter of Kerry Katona, 40, and Brian McFadden, 41, was born Irish Catholic. She says she was "always drawn" to spells and crystals before a chance encounter with a pagan ritual while "struggling" in lockdown changed her life.

The teen spoke to OK! magazine about her new passion, which begun when she was walking in the woods.

She came across a tree with a tiny fire burning by it and a pagan symbol on the tree. Taking it as a sign, she began researching the Wicca religion.

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Lilly-Sue is keen to dispel the many myths around witchcraft.

"It's incredibly spiritual," she said. "I do spell jars and candle spells for all sorts of things – for personal growth, for a good night's sleep, to protect my family.

"We also believe in the 'three fold law', which is whatever you put out, comes back times three," she added.

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"That's why I'd never put a curse on anybody – it'll come back on me in a big way. It's a very individual path for every witch – you do what you want, but you practice kindness and goodness, always."

This isn't the first time that Lilly-Sue has shown an unconventional streak. It seems that the entertainment industry which her parents occupy may not be for her.

Last week, she revealed she turned down the chance to appear on this year's Love Island.

She told OK! magazine : "It's not a bit of me – not in a rude way, it's a fun show – but if I was going to make a big TV debut, it would not be with Love Island."

The teen went on to explain that in "no disrespect" to the show, she personally disliked "being romantic" or showing off her body.

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