Lorraine Kelly ‘behind on’ Vigil as Suranne Jones’ character is ‘annoying’

Lorraine Kelly has admitted that she's not been keeping up with Vigil because Suranne Jones's character is "annoying" her.

The chat show host had been tuning in to the nuclear submarine drama that has got the nation gripped.

But she confessed that she's fallen a bit behind because she is getting irritated by Jones' character, DCI Amy Silva.

Lorraine shared her thoughts on the murder mystery during a chat on her show with entertainment expert, Ria Hebden, who revealed that Vigil is the BBC's most-watched drama of the year so far.

She admitted to being "behind" and told Ria that while she loved Suranne and was a big fan of her series Gentleman Jack, she was struggling to get on board with her latest alter ego.

"She's really annoying me in that which is why I've not kept up with," she added.

"But I definitely will."

While the BBC series about a mysterious death on a Navy submarine has been a huge hit, Lorraine isn't the only person to have been a bit irked by DCI Silva.

The character has had to battle her demons, anxiety and endless Navy staff getting in her way as she tries to work out who killed one of the ship's employees.

Several viewers have tweeted that they were struggling to take to the detective.

One said: "Is it just me who thinks Suranne Jones's character in #Vigil is annoying? I can’t watch it."

Another said the character was "extremely irritating".

One person said Vigil was the first show they had been able to get into for a while, but added: "Suranne Jones' character is annoying my husband though. Not sure he'll make it to the end!"

However, Silva's approach to getting the job done has made others think Suranne might be perfect if Bond bosses decide to go for the first female 007.

"After thinking about this overnight and catching up with the end of Vigil last night I think Suranne Jones could play Bond," one person tweeted, calling the actress "brilliant".

Another tweeted: "Let's face it. The only person who should be the new Bond is… Suranne Jones."

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