Love Island’s AJ Bunker in image overhaul as she gets cheek filler dissolved

Love Island star AJ Bunker has had her cheek filler dissolved in her latest image overhaul just two months after she received the treatment.

The 28-year-old bombshell revealed she took the plunge and got cheek filler put in just weeks before she entered the villa.

But now the blonde beauty has decided to have the cosmetic procedure reversed after she complained that “it changed the shape of her face” so much that it didn’t look like her on TV.

And the Hertfordshire native made sure to document the whole procedure on her Instagram stories to share the entire journey with her 77,000 fans online.

In a candid video on her way into London, AJ updated her fans on her plans for the day including her doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon.

As she sat got settled, she shared her latest procedure with her fans, explaining: “I’m looking to have my cheek filler dissolved.

“Before going into the villa I had it done, I panicked a little bit and I had a little bit too much and it’s actually changed the shape of my face.”

“We’ve discussed it and we’ve just said today the best thing is to just dissolve it and go from there and start fresh and see if we do need a little bit more or if we’re fine the way it is,” she added.

After the hair extension technician finished the procedure, she updated her doting followers on how it went and when she can expect to see the final results of the treatment.

Despite having freshly dissolved her cheek filler, AJ didn’t rule out getting the filler put back in, but the reality star promised to keep her newly amassed fans informed of her decision closer to the time.

She reassured her followers: “I’ve just finished having my cheek filler dissolved. Honestly it was not painful at all.

“So what we’re going to do now is just wait a few weeks to see the results of the dissolving before anything else happens.

“I’m really happy and I can’t wait to see the results in a few weeks' time.”

This comes after the reality star admitted she has been flooded with creepy messages from sex fetish fans since she left the villa.

In a recent interview with FURBAR Radio, AJ opened up about the unsolicited messages she has received to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on their show Access All Areas.

The star revealed she had become the unwilling target of "pay pigs" a term used to describe people who live in financial servitude to a woman and they are turned on by being financially exploited.

AJ confessed: “I’m getting Pay Pigs left, right, and centre. I’m just like, ‘Why am I getting so many PayPigs messages?’ I just, obviously I'm not open to that.

“I’m not accepting them but it’s just like, ‘Why?’ Honestly there’s just a countless amount. I think there are more Pay Pigs messages than guys asking me on dates.”

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