Martine McCutcheon turned down by BBC show as her family was ‘full of wrong’uns’

Martine McCutcheon was told she could not be on BBC's Who Do You Think You Are? as her family history was full of "wrong'uns" and "mud huts".

The Love Actually star said show bosses were initially excited when she said she would take part.

But after finding about her family history, which appeared to point to ancestors behind bars in the clink, they turned her down.

Martine, 45, said: "They called me and they were just really disappointed because there’s a load of mud huts and wrong’uns that they just didn’t talk about.

"They got all excited when they thought I would like to do it and then they called me and went: 'This isn’t going to work'."

Martine added: "I probably am a typical East End mum. I’m full of praise, full of love and affection, but I’m also like, 'Enough is enough'.

"I still go back to where I’m from, still see my friends, still see my family.

"When I go back to Bethnal Green they think I speak beautifully. They go: 'Don’t you speak nice now?'"

She also told the Parenting Hell podcast: "Most people are posher than me, that’s not hard."

When EastEnders actor Danny Dyer appeared on Who Do You Think You Are?, he found out he is a direct descendant of Edward III.

Mum-of-one Martine recently revealed she’d lost a total of 21 inches from her body after sticking to a diet plan designed by 1:1 diet by Cambridge.

Martine has documented her health and weight journey on her Instagram account, sharing with followers her experience.

Although the actress has been adored with lovely compliments, some fans shared concerns about her drastic weight change.

She made her children’s TV debut as a teenager, and has previously spoken about how growing up in the public eye made her aware of her weight from a young age.

"I was always conscious of staying as thin as I could be,” she said in a 2016 interview.

"It looked better on camera, meant I could fit into size 8 sample sizes, and it was easier and more affordable with stylists."

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