Megan Thee Stallion's 'Hot Girl Fall' Remix Will Make You Crave a PSL

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Like the rest of us, Megan Thee Stallion has, unfortunately, packed away her bathing suits, ditched her days at the beach and said goodbye to summer.

But that doesn’t mean she’s dropped her life-of-the-party attitude. No, the “Hot Girl Summer” creator is now happily ushering in the cooler weather—with a little help from Jimmy Fallon, naturally. The duo has teamed up for what can only be described as the season defining remix, “Hot Girl Fall.”

“Starin’ outside all the leaves are changin’, feelin’ kind of cold, can’t stop complainin’,” raps Jimmy, a.k.a J.Fal. “Days gettin’ shorter with that setting sun. Guess hot girl summer is really done. Then my phone rings and I look to see it says Megan Thee Stallion on caller ID.”

And she’s got a message: After hot girl summer, comes the fall…because duh. “It’s the season to get cozy with a pumpkin-ass beer,” she belts out. “Grab a cable kind scar and your chunkiest sweater ’cause the summer was dope but the fall’s even better.”

Allow her to further explain. “It’s a jack-o-lantern filled to the brim with wine,” she continues. “It’s sending sexy pics of your turkey breast. It’s you and your dog getting matching vests. Getting lit as hell on a hayride. Spending all my cash baking mad pies.” (BRB, grabbing a flannel and Uggs and heading to the pumpkin patch.) 

Of course, to officially ring in autumn, Jimmy and Megan sport bedazzled, velour sweatsuits and jump around in a field of leaves.

Just one piece of advice, courtesy of the late show host: “Get your flu shots, [email protected]^ker!”

Earlier, while chatting with E! News, Megan blessed us with the trick to keeping your hot girl attitude all year round.

“You have to be someone who is like energetic, the life of the party, just really nice, you know what I’m saying?” she explained. “You have to be able to put that confidence in other people and get along with all the girls and just like have a good time. Just unapologetically you. You just have to be lit.”

Grab your PSL and watch the full video above.

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