Miley Cyrus apologizes for racially ‘insensitive’ comments about hip hop

Miley Cyrus is making amends for controversial comments she previously made about her experiences making hip hop-influenced music.

After releasing her 2013 “Bangerz” album, featuring production from rap producer Mike Will Made It, Cyrus went on to criticize the genre in a 2017 interview, claiming rappers’ lyrics were too lewd and saying, “I can’t listen to that anymore. That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little.”

Cyrus has seemingly realized the bad optics of that statement, apologizing in the comment section of a YouTube video by user As Told By Kenya. Titled “Miley Cyrus Is My Problematic Fav…Sorry,” the video is largely complimentary while casting Cyrus’ hip hop comments as an unfortunate moment in her career, with YouTuber Kenya Wilson saying about the interview, “It wasn’t the right thing to say, it was bad, it was

racially insensitive, it had racist undertones and it wasn’t OK, point blank, period.”

Several weeks after the video was posted on May 31, Cyrus left a comment from her official YouTube profile on Tuesday.

“Just watched your video,” she wrote. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak up. Being silent is not like me at all. I am aware of my platform and have always used it the best way I know how and to shine a light on injustice. I want to start with saying I am sorry. I own the fact that saying … “this pushed me out of the hip hop scene a little” was insensitive as it is a privilege to have the ability to dip in and out of ‘the scene.’ “

“There are decades of inequality that I am aware of, but still have alot (sic) learn about,” she continued. “Silence is apart of the problem and I refuse to be quiet anymore. My words became a divider in a time where togetherness and unity is crucial. I can not change what I said at that time, but I can say I am deeply sorry for the disconnect my words caused. Simply said; I (expletive) up and I sincerely apologize . I’m committed to using my voice for healing, change, and standing up for what’s right. Miley”

(Warning: Explicit language)

Cyrus has been vocal in recent weeks, slamming a critical review of her new EP “She is Coming” before speaking out about a scary incident in which she was forcibly groped by a stranger in Barcelona, saying women “CAN’T be grabbed without her consent” accompanied by the hashtag “#Dont(Expletive)WithMyFreedom.”

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