Ricky Gervais wants superpower to ‘break people’s legs’ when they annoy him

Ricky Gervais says he wishes he had a secret superpower to break the legs of people he doesn't like using his mind.

The Office and Afterlife star, 59, said: "If I had the power, if I could give people a headache or break their leg by just thinking it if they annoyed me, there'd be lots of people walking around with broken legs, definitely.

"I'd just do it for a laugh sometimes."

Ricky spoke to his mate Sam Harris on their Absolutely Mental podcast about how his life changed after he became a household name.

He said: "I suppose I came out of nowhere with a big hit show and you go from nowhere to everywhere and people want to know where you came from and all that.

"I remember in early interviews I tried to be boring, because I didn't want it.

"I didn't want people talking about me, I wanted them talking about the work. That's all I wanted.

"Because it felt creepy. You know, the first time somebody recognises you in a shop buying underwear is creepy.

"The first time people tell a lie about you, when you hear someone say, ‘Oh, I heard he kicked squirrels' – you want to punch their face in.

"And now you think, ‘Who give a f***?'"

Ricky, now a huge success in Hollywood, said he wasn't sure he was ready to handle fame.

He explained: "You're judged – most people aren't judged, people aren't meant to be famous.

"First of all, I feared being famous. When I was writing The Office I thought, ‘If this is a hit, I'm going to be a famous actor.'

"And I sort of feared fame for many reasons like the intrusion. I thought reputation was everything.

"I'm a good person, I've always been a good person, what if they say a horrible thing about me? It's not fair.

"And now I've gone through it, I realised that reputation is important but character is more important.

"Because reputation is what strangers think of you and character is who you really are.

"Also, I feared it because I didn't want to be lumped in with those other celebrities that I saw that would do anything to be famous. People who live their lives like an open wound.

"I didn't want people to think that I was doing it for the adoration of strangers."

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