'Rolling Stone on Twitch' Celebrates 2021 With the Best of Music, Movies, Culture, and More

Maxo Kream, Kota the Friend, and Remi Wolf are among the artists scheduled to perform live from Monday, Dec. 6 through Wednesday, Dec. 8 on Rolling Stone’s Twitch channel.

Aligning with Rolling Stone’s coverage of the best of 2021, we’re delving into a discussion of the best albums, songs, movies, and more. Led by daily show hosts Jon Weigell and Charlie Cooper, the digital event will feature numerous Rolling Stone staff members including Simon Vozick-Levinson, Kyle Rice, Jon Dolan, David Fear, Andrea Marks, Alan Sepinwall, Brittany Spanos, and more.

Day one will feature discussions of the best songs with music editor Simon Vozick-Levinson, best fashion with senior designer Kyle Rice, and best video games with RS Twitch executive producer, Christopher Cruz. Also slated are performances by artists Joshua Ray Walker and Madi Diaz, as well as a special “Meet the Producer” feature with Sad Night Dynamite.

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Day two will showcase the best albums with RS editor Jon Dolan, movies with David Fear, and podcasts with writer Andrea Marks, with performances throughout from artists Kota the Friend, Magdalena Bay, and Maxo Kream.

And finally, day three will bring the event to a close with the hosts Jon and Charlie breaking down their best-ofs, followed by chief TV critic Alan Sepinwall delving into the best TV shows of the year, and a special appearance by Don’t Let This Flop podcasters EJ Dickson and Brittany Spanos. Performers will include Remi Wolf, Amyl and the Sniffers, and Charlie Hickey.

The event can be viewed live exclusively on Rolling Stone’s Twitch channel, from 2 p.m to 7 p.m. ET daily this coming Monday through Wednesday­. Check out the channel page for more information on scheduling. Follow the channel to be a part of the story in the chat and subscribe for exclusive bonuses. You can also join the discussion 24/7 on the official Discord channel.

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