Sarah Harding ‘dragged’ to rehab in South Africa amid dangerous cocaine battle

Sarah Harding has bravely opened up about her drug misuse amid her terminal cancer diagnosis.

The former Girls Aloud singer, 39, revealed that she was ‘dragged’ to rehab in South Africa after she turned to cocaine for solace after a bitter breakup.

The much-loved singer, who is currently battling breast cancer, looked back on the ‘dark’ period of her life in her new autobiography, Hear Me Out.

Sarah detailed the spiral she went down following her split from former boyfriend Tom Crane in 2011.

After the pair decided to call it quits on their intense romance, the Sound Of The Underground singer took her broken heart on a girl's trip to Ibiza where they partied hard with cocaine.

Following the getaway, Sarah said that she ‘completely over the top’ when she returned to the UK.

After developing a fondness for how the drug made her feel, Sarah soon realised that it was 'a case of do or die’ and she needed to take action if she wanted to ever live a healthy life again.

“The split from Tommy left me broken, and I’d gone to Ibiza with two of my girlfriends. My friends, knowing what I was going through, were doing their utmost to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn’t go over the edge, but to be honest, they were fighting a losing battle,” the singer penned.

“When I was back in the UK, I was going completely over the top. There was usually someone on hand offering something to help ease the pain.

“I realised then that it was literally a case of do or die, and I knew I had to take action.”

Sarah revealed that she was then practically ‘dragged’ to a rehabilitation centre in South Africa after her loved ones encouraged the singer to get the help she so badly needed.

Although she was terrified of being alone, and so far away from home, Sarah found comfort when she phoned her friend and band member Nicola Roberts during the drive to rehab.

In her autobiography, Sarah penned: “I sat in the back of the car on the phone to Nicola, crying my eyes out. ‘How am I going to do this, Nicola? I’m on my own … I’m doing this on my own.’ Nicola listened patiently to me; she was so supportive. I think she, like everyone, knew I needed to do something. I knew it too.

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“It was a help just being able to talk to her on that journey to the airport because it took my mind off where I was going and what might be waiting for me.”

Elsewhere in the book, Sarah bravely opened about her battle with breast cancer.

Earlier this month, the singer revealed that doctors warned her that she may only have a few more months of life left amid her gruelling battle with the disease.

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