Sex Education fans gobsmacked as they discover Mr Groff’s real sons are in show

Sex Education fans were left stunned recently, when they discovered Mr Groff's real sons feature in the iconic show.

Season three of the saucy programme is now available to watch on Netflix, but some fans have only just discovered that the twins are related to the actor who plays Mr Groff in real life.

Cal and Brodie Petrie, 18, play pupils at the famous Moordale Secondary School.

But their dad, 50-year-old actor Alistair Petrie, who is best known as the former angry head-teacher, Michael Groff, also appears alongside them.

Fans have been lost for words since a TikTok video of the revelation went viral.

The video that has now racked up 3.2 million views and more than 387,000 likes from shocked super-fans had a caption that read: "THE HOT TWINS IN SEX ED ARE MR GROFF'S KIDS IN REAL LIFE."

Surprised viewers also commented on the revelation and added their remarks on the social media platform.

One fan penned: "Wait I think I know who you're talking about!"

Another fan exclaimed: "I immediately knew what twins you meant!!"

Meanwhile a third claimed they'd already spotted the twins in the scene when Hope, Moordale's new head-teacher, was announcing the new uniforms.

Cal and Brodie also have an older brother named Angus, and their mum, Lucy Scott is an actress too.

Eagle-eyed fans will most definitely spot the young lads in the infamous poo on the coach scene.

In the scene that took place in episode five, the students visit France on a school trip to learn about trench welfare in World War One.

But things took a dramatic turn for the worse when Rahim blocked the coach toilet on the way home, and in a desperate attempt to clear his evidence, he filled his sock with the waste and dashed it out of the window.

To Rahim's surprise, the waste ends up hitting the windscreen of a passing car.

The twins certainly added colour to the scene as they could be seen smirking when Mr Hendricks realises the mysterious brown smudge on the drivers' car is poo.

As well as the actors famous connection, some fans were also convinced that Alastair was also related to his on-screen son who is played by Connor Swindells.

But Alistair recently took to Twitter to demystify the claims when one fan commented on their similarity and believable portrayal.

He wrote: "Hi… we’re not but I feel like we are. He’s a truly great talent and I’m so enormously proud of him – as I would about my own sons. Thanks for loving the show. Very best wishes."

Sex Education viewers who have loved season three can look forward to a fourth series, as Netflix has confirmed that there will be more episodes on the way.

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