Sherrie Hewson slams snowflakes for moaning about cheeky TV jokes

Sherrie Hewson has slammed snowflakes who whinge about cheeky jokes on telly.

The actress, 70, loved making saucy comments when she played Mrs Slocombe in a remake of Are You Being Served?

There were lots of gags about her pussy – just like when late comedy legend Mollie Sugden played the role in the original show years ago.

So when uptight viewers moaned about the cheeky jokes, she was baffled.

Sherrie said: “I was honoured to play Mrs Slocombe. She is one of the best characters ever. I played it in the innocent way that Molly played it.

“She had her pussy lines that were hysterical.

“They objected to the word. I kept saying, ‘But it’s her cat Tiddles’. It’s how you say it.” There were also complaints over a character being camp despite that being true to the original.

Sherrie added: “They were outraged that Jason Watkins was camp as Mr Humphries. I don’t get that.

“Look at RuPaul’s Drag Race. Are we going to have to stop that?”

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Sherrie is frustrated that sensitive viewers are branding comedy favourites offensive.

Many classic shows now come with a warning on services including Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

She said: “Everybody is offended by everything. The times we live in now, everything is offensive.

“The worst one for me was Dad’s Army, which is one of my favourite shows. There was even a warning on that. I thought, ‘A warning for what?’

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.“It was something about using language that belonged to another period about the First World War and what they used to call the soldiers.

“I thought, ‘This is crazy now’. It belongs to its period.”

Sherrie thinks even mainstream shows being made today are being censored.

The star worked on Loose Women in its early years and reckons many of the comments she made then would not be allowed on TV now.

Speaking on the Soap From The Box podcast, Sherrie said: “We used to go, ‘Well nobody’s watching it, so we can say what we want’.

“It was much more outrageous back then. Nobody had the forethought to stop us.

“Now you wouldn’t be able to say the stuff we used to.”

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