Tai Verdes opens up on his ‘unique’ sound as he prepares for Reading Festival

Hollywood musician Tai Verdes has revealed that he wants audiences to have a 'meta-moment' and 'escape' at his upcoming UK tour dates at Reading and Leeds festivals.

The 26 year old LA born songwriter went viral on Tik Tok during the pandemic after his song Stuck in The Middle went viral, landing over 3 billion views since 2020.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star about his new album and upcoming concerts, which includes a 22-date tour in the US and appearances at Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK in August 2022, Tai said: "I just perform so hard until I pass out to be honest. I really just try to get people involved.

"I just want everyone to have a little meta-moment, look around and be like, 'lets not take each other so seriously'.

"Just have fun for the moment we are. Let's not have to think about who we are right now. Just be in the moment – escapism."

He added that he is also excited to visit the UK and introduce his music to new audiences at his festival dates, adding: "Any time I get the opportunity to share my music with people, I think that's a good thing. Shows are doing that for me.

"I did a super year of touring, I think building up my fan base to a point where it doesn't really matter what happens – I'm going to be around for ten years.

"That's the whole point of this. I have a plan. If you don't plan for ten years, how are you going to make it to ten years? I'm going to plan for it and then I'm going to make it happen. Let's do it."

His 10 year plan also includes what he describes as a 'four album quadrilogy' that is interconnected, with second album HDTV on its way later this year.

Speaking about the concept for the album, Tai said: "It's all based on this idea on TV and having myself talking about different aspects of my life as a TV show.

He said: "The first album was just the introduction where it talks about the last four years of my life, and if you listen to the album chronologically, it talks about me dropping out of school, feeling lonely, finding a girl, breaking up with that girl, then feeling ok at the end.

"With this next album coming out, with HD TV, it's more of a high definition look through every single point of a relationship."

Yet while the artist has a ten year plan for his career, his focus is not on the reception of the songs, but on being totally connected to the music and creating songs you cannot access anywhere else.

These songs include Tai's newest single 3 Outfits, along with his biggest hit, 2020's A-OK, which reached number 34 on the Billboard top 100 chart.

"I don't really think about the reception. I do think about the reception to a degree, but the reason why I've gotten this far is how I've been doing it – choosing songs I love, then really promoting them and pushing them as far they wanna go.

"I just want to make something that, when people hear it, I want them to be like 'I can't get this anywhere else than on this page'.

He added: "The reason why I sound unique is because I'm attached to all of it. I'm fully in the song-writing process, fully co-producing every since song that I'm putting out, so it's all my imprint.

"What you're hearing is me, affecting the music," adding "Making the music I love to make."

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