The Crown’s Princess Anne star felt ‘pressured’ to hide sexuality after fame

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The Crown's Erin Doherty has revealed she was under pressure to hide her sexuality after landing the role of playing Princess Anne.

Erin, 30, became a household favourite after playing the quick-witted Princess who is known for not taking any nonsense from anybody.

However, the star who has been open about her relationship with fellow actress Sophie Melville has explained that while she's comfortable in her sexuality, this wasn't always the case.

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In a heartfelt admission, the star detailed the "gutting" moments she questioned if she and Sophie, should go public with their blossoming relationship.

Erin said: "I'm not gonna lie, I won't name names, but when I got The Crown, I felt a lot of pressure to withhold my sexuality."

She went on to tell The Daily Telegraph: "There was a period of time when I was like, do I get to be open about this in order to have a successful career?

"And the fact that that question still went through my mind, and may still go through other people's minds, is so gutting.

"I'm really aware of all the people who have lived years and years and years, either in shame or denial, or just hiding – actors, actresses definitely stopping it getting out there in order to have a career – and I just want to be a part of trying to do something about that."

The happy couple met in 2018 when they were both appearing in The Divide, written by Alan Ayckbourn but Erin refrained from going public about their relationship until 2019.

During her time on The Crown, one scene saw her character, The Princess Royal confront the Queen played by Olivia Colman about her involvement in the then Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Shand and her future husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

Discussing Charles' relationship with Camilla, Erin's character said: "He got what he wanted, which was to make Camilla jealous," before adding: "I got what I wanted, which was a bit of fun," discussing her alleged sexual encounter with Andrew/

But while male members of the Royal Family may have been known for being serial daters before settling down – this wouldn't have been the case for Anne, the Queen's only daughter.

Erin told the publication that Anne was "constantly aware" of the comments made about her body but refrained from behaving any differently to that of a young woman outside of the Mountbatten-Windsor family.


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