The Go-Go's Drop First New Song in 19 Years, 'Club Zero'

Ahead of the Friday premiere of a documentary celebrating the Go-Go’s, the band has released “Club Zero,” their first new song in 19 years.

The self-produced song was created via email exchanges between band members and recorded at studios in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In the closing scene of the Showtime doc The Go-Go’s — premiering tonight, July 31st — the reunited band is shown working on the track, as well as performing “Club Zero” at Los Angeles’ Whisky a Go Go, a one-time stomping ground of the trailblazing all-female rock group.

“I was reading about the Zero Zero Club, which was an underground, after-hours club in Hollywood in the Eighties,” Jane Wiedlin told Rolling Stone of the track. “I thought about how cool that title was. I just felt that the point of that song was the perfect thing for the Go-Go’s to say in 2020. We’re not putting up with this whole boys’ club anymore. It’s fucking bullshit. And that’s what Club Zero is: ‘Zero fucks given.’ It felt like what people needed to hear right now.”

The Go-Go’s director Alison Ellwood added of the track and the band’s legacy: “As they say in ‘Club Zero,’ they’re ‘the new MVPs of the 21st century.’ They’ve gone through an awful lot in life and have a lot to share. They have the tone and attitude that we need right now. They’re all very political and engaged and care a lot about what’s happening. And I think that even though everyone still calls them ‘the girls,’ they are in fact women with a lot of heart and soul.”

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