'1000-Lb Sisters': Does Tammy Slaton Already Have a New Boyfriend?

Tammy Slaton recently broke up with her boyfriend Phillip on 1000-lb Sisters. This wasn’t the first breakup that fans have seen from Tammy. Before Phillip, she had a rough split from her ex-boyfriend, Jerry Sykes. While Tammy took both breakups hard, a recent post and delete from the reality star has TLC fans wondering if she has already moved on.

Does Tammy Slaton have a new boyfriend on ‘1000-lb Sisters’?

Tammy is known to post things to her Instagram to get fans talking. In a recent Instagram Story, she reposted pictures of her and a mystery man. In one photo, the man kissed Tammy on the cheek and in another, they smiled at the camera. The man also posted pictures of Tammy to his page along with a few kind words about the star.

“Got to see my girl @queentammy86 today!” he wrote. “She is one of my biggest influences. I can’t to see the great things you do Tammy.”

Tammy reposted the message along with the words “U trying to make me cry babe, tysm.”

‘1000-lb Sisters’ fans are skeptical

Though neither Tammy or the mystery man commented on the nature of their relationship, fans were quick to speculate.

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