1899 boss on axed storyline from Netflix series he brands a ‘bad idea’

1899: Trailer for period thriller series from Netflix

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Netflix’s latest mystery series 1899 quickly became a hit after landed on screens last week and enthralled viewers with its gripping scenes. However, boss Baran bo Odar spoke on the storyline fans would not be seeing in the series. 

1899 was the latest show to keep fans wanting more after the mind-bending sci-fi ended with a cliffhanger twist. 

The show followed the lives of migrants who were on a journey from London to New York via steamship, however, their journey took a mysterious turn. 

The slow-burning drama took a horrifying twist after they encountered a mysterious second ship, the Prometheus.

It had been missing for months in the open sea but danger ensued when the crew decided to board the Prometheus.

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Speaking on the drama, the creator Baran bo Odar detailed whether they were any bad ideas which were scrapped. 

He explained: “We don’t have bad ideas, no, we just forget them immediately. 

“But we’re not afraid of putting bad ideas on the table, because sometimes there’s something small in a bad idea that’s actually good that you should use.”

Baran continued: “One bad idea we’ve definitely said is not going to happen is that 1899 is related to Dark. We get that question a lot. 

“So for all the fans out there: Sorry, there won’t be any characters from Dark suddenly appearing on the ship,” he confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Before the success of 1899, Baran and co-creator Jantje Friese gained recognition for their Netflix hit, Dark which premiered in 2017

The three-season series was also a mind-bending mystery which viewers quickly compared to 1899.

However, the predecessor followed the lives of four families on a frantic hunt for a missing child that spanned over three generations. 

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As well as becoming an acclaimed success, 1899 is also a trailblazing series for the streaming giant. 

It became Netflix’s first show to be shot entirely in a virtual studio, using cutting-edge LED-Volume technology. 

It also had a video game engine which created virtual sets and locations, allowing complex visual-effects shots to be done in-camera. 

The entire first season was filmed at the Dark Bay LED studio on the Studio Babelsberg lot outside Berlin.

During the interview, Jantje Friese also spoke on the comparisons and highlighted: “1899 just has a different structure. 

“But it’s not like what we thought, people didn’t understand Dark, so we have to make this one easier. I think it’s a very individual thing. 

“We’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve had the opportunity to see the first six episodes, and it’s kind of half and half. 

“Some said ‘Oh, it felt more at ease, like it was easier to comprehend’ others were like ‘This has so many more complicated puzzle pieces, what are you guys doing?’

“I think it’s an individual experience, we didn’t try to make it easier,” Jantje added to The Hollywood Reporter.

1899 is available to stream on Netflix

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