'90 Day Fiancé' Sneak Peek: Karine Gives Paul 2 Months to Find a Job, or She's Going Back to Brazil

Since Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle arrived in the United States to live with their son, Pierre, things haven’t been as smooth as they had hoped. On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Paul is struggling to find work since their return. In a brand-new sneak peek for this week’s episode, Karine gives Paul a time limit to find a job, or she’ll be returning to Brazil with their son.

Paul and Karine’s fresh start in the United States hasn’t been easy

The relationship between Paul and Karine has been full of drama from the start. From Paul running away, to him asking her to take a pregnancy test to prove she’s been faithful, there seems to be constant drama. They’ve come close to divorce before, and fans are hoping this move to America will be good for the famous little family. However, since they first touchdown, Karine seems to be unsure about the situation.

Things go from bad to worse when they struggle to find their footing. Paul’s mother, Mary, isn’t going to let them live with her, and Paul takes Karine to look at some housing options that she feels are less than desirable. Eventually Paul finds them a place that Karine is satisfied with, but Paul still needs to find a job to support them.

Paul Staehle tells his mother about his struggle to find a job

This week, Paul meets up with his mother at a local pet shop. He tells her he needs a few things for his dogs, and his mother straight-up asks if he asked her to meet him there to buy him dog stuff, which he replies by saying he does need some help. His mother isn’t thrilled about it, considering she thinks Paul needs to be pushed a little bit.

Mary asks Paul if he’s been applying for jobs, and Paul says he has, but it’s hard because he has a criminal record. “I didn’t think it would matter, but even though I was convicted with a felony for arson ten years ago, it’s still difficult to get a job,” Paul tells the cameras. He says before he can even put in an application, he’s already hearing the words, “No.”

Mary says that he brought over his wife and son, and he clearly needs to have income to be able to support them. She asks how Karine feels about things, and Paul says she isn’t good. “She feels really alone here and she’s going back and forth doing a lot of 180s,” Paul tells his mother. Mary understands and says Karine misses Brazil.

Mary has some harsh, yet true words for Paul. She says he brought a life into this world, and this isn’t fair to him. Paul seems to understand that he needs to do what he has to for his child. Mary is hoping this is all “the push Paul needs to start providing and doing what he needs to do with his responsibilities.”

Karine tells Paul he has 2 months to find a job

In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Paul and Karine seem to still be having problems because Paul has yet to find a job. “Karine does not give me anywhere near enough credit for everything that I do for us both,” Paul tells the cameras.

Karine gives Paul a time limit to find a job, or she’s planning to go back to Brazil with their son. “I’ll give you two months to find a job, otherwise, I’ll pick up Pierre and we’ll leave for Brazil.” It sounds like he better find one in a hurry, or Karine could choose to go back home.

Paul and Karine aren’t out of the woods yet. Hopefully, Paul can land a job soon and be able to support his family.

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