A dead baby is discovered in Emmerdale and the mother is someone we know

There is a grim discovery ahead in Emmerdale as human remains are discovered at the school and it soon becomes clear that the bones belonged to a baby – and the young mother bears an uncanny resemblance to someone in the village. Who is the mysterious Jenny Finn – and what happened to her baby?

Jessie Dingle (Sandra Marvin) is stunned when she is told about the bones being uncovered and she is forced to prepare for a police conference while a criminal investigation is officiallt launched.

As gossip spreads through the village about the grim discovery – and the age of the corpse – someone is distinctly more uncomfortable than everyone else but who is hiding the most harrowing of secrets?

At the police station, lead officer DI Bradwell presents an image of the 16-year-old mother called Jenny Finn who is most likely the mother of the child who was found buried. And she looks extremely familiar.

But who did the baby belong to – and was the mother involved in the tragic death? Questions need to be answered and old wounds are about to be torn open…

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