A Place in the Sun: Jonnie Irwin loses it with indecisive buyer ‘It’s not Monopoly!’

A Place in the Sun: Homebuyer jokes she ‘hates’ Jonnie Irwin

Today, A Place in the Sun property expert Jonnie Irwin was on the hunt for a home in Guardamar del Segura for buyer Denise. The army reservist was accompanied by her friend Karen, to help her choose her head over her heart when it came to buying a new property. However, after she exhibited throughout she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted, Jonnie became frustrated as Denise refused to rule out more than one property, reminding her she “had to buy one.”

Denise had a maximum budget of £95,000, which instantly put the pressure on Jonnie. 

After she detailed her requirements, Jonnie said: “That’s just where I like it, I love a challenge!”

Jonnie got underway with his search and things got off to a positive start.

Despite ruling out the first apartment on offer, Denise had positive things to say about the rest of the potential homes. 

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However, after viewing property number four, Jonnie was still none-the-wiser as to what Denise might decide to do next.

Of the property, the house-hunter said: “The balcony could do with being a wee bit bigger, the second bedroom could do with being a wee bit bigger.”

“Pool, location and living space is more than adequate,” but Jonnie wasn’t convinced. 

After Denise labelled yet another property a “contender” Jonnie firmly reminded her: “It’s not monopoly though, you’ve got to buy one of these properties!” 


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