A Place in the Sun viewers roast Ben Hillman for 'stitching up' war veteran with 's***hole' apartment

A PLACE in the Sun viewers have roasted Ben Hillman for "stitching up" war veteran guest with what they deemed to be a "s***hole" apartment.

Channel 4 host Ben was tasked with helping Salisbury couple Sharon and Nev, who visit Malta three times a year, move there permanently to find a holiday home on the island for a budget of £160,000.

In Tuesday's rerun, veteran Nev had a bad knee and he wanted to find a home without stairs.

Ben admitted that the property search “wasn’t going to be easy” because of their high demands.

Fans were left confused when the presenter kept taking him to upper floor apartments, that could only be accessed by stairs.

"S*** hole after s*** hole and what part of no stairs does he not understand.

Ben showed them a second-floor apartment in Zabbar, a first-floor apartment in Fgura, and a second-floor apartment in Xghajra.

The fourth villa was a three-bed flat located in Marsaskala with a lift so Nev wouldn't have to climb the stairs every day.

Unfortunately, the property lacked the wow factor and they were disappointed with the old fashioned kitchen.

Viewers were baffled with the property choices, with one writing: "S*** hole after s*** hole and what part of no stairs does he not understand #aplaceinthesun."

Another posted: "That 2nd floor flat would be fine if they could fix an electric hoist from the street up to the balcony…"

A third added: "Ben find them a ground floor gaff ffs."

Another agreed: "This is the worst presenter. I'm yet to watch him ever find decent places for the buyer.

"Plus I think he's rude. A flat over a fish shop, and stairs with a disability."

Ben sadly fail to impress the couple with any of the properties.

Property two was in the couple's budget but was immediately put off because it was located above a fish shop and next to a busy road.

When it came to making a decision, Sharon and Nev decided to keep searching for their perfect holiday home.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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