A Place In The Sun’s Ben Hillman tells house hunters to ‘Get lost!’

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A Place In The Sun visited Almería in Spain for a previous episode of the Channel 4 property show. Sue and Ali from Weston-super-Mare were planning to relocate to the sunny Spanish province. Armed with a budget of £70,000 Ben Hillman attempted to find them the perfect property. Ben struggled to please the couple with the first few properties and during one house search he gave the couple some strict instructions.

Ben guided couple Sue and Ali around the whitewashed villages of Almería in Spain for an episode of A Place In The Sun.

The pair confessed they didn’t know much about the area but were drawn to it because of the good weather.

Sue and Ali had a budget of £70,000 to find the perfect property, which they hoped would become their new permanent home.

They highlighted that it was important for their dream home to also feature lots of land so their dog had space to run around.

Ben quickly took them off to view a number of properties around the province of Almería but struggled to impress the house hunters.

However, when he took Sue and Ali to a rural house that boasted two bedrooms and additional outbuildings, he seemed to finally get on their good side.

The property was just over budget as it was on the market for just under £71,500, however, it did include a large plot of land – something that impressed the couple.

Taking the couple out to see the outdoor area, Ben said: “I think when you talk about outside space, this is pretty darn hard to beat isn’t it?”

“Yeah perfect. You’ve done well this time Ben,” Sue remarked.

“Have I?” Ben excitedly asked, with Sue joking: “At last!”

Ben said: “At last indeed. My goodness this has been tricky. But, this has been worth it hasn’t it? To see this?”

Sue agreed and began describing what she’d do with the space: “I’d have a big table here so everyone could sit around it.”

“Are you pleased with the outside space and the setting?” Ben asked.

“I love it. It’s different, but I love it still,” Ali commented.

“I think she likes this one,” Sue said, ushering towards her partner Ali.

The pair laughed as Ben agreed: “I’m getting a feeling Ali.”

Ali made it clear she was pleased with the property” “I’m moving in!”

However, Ben then gave the pair some strict instructions as he urged them to look around the grounds.

He said: “I mean this politely when I say this. Why don’t you go and get lost?

“Because you could easily do that in your acres of land. Go on, off you pop. See you in a mo,” and Ali and Sue walked off to explore.

Ben then addressed the viewers, sharing his thoughts on the success of the property search.

“Well I think I might actually finally be getting somewhere. Up until now it’s been a little bit like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. But, I think maybe, we’ve got a contender,” he concluded.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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