Adam discovers that Gary is a killer in Corrie?

It’s been a troubling year for Gary Windass (Mikey North) in Coronation Street, what with the revelation that he was behind the death of Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia) — not to mention his relationship with Sarah Platt (Tina O’ Brien) having gone belly-up. However, with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) on the hunt for answers, will Sarah’s new lover discover the truth about Gary?

With Adam having shown Sarah much support during the ownership of the factory debacle several weeks back, the young woman found herself drawn towards the solicitor. Before long, the pair gave into temptation — and a passionate affair soon ensued. As a result, Sarah’s relationship with Gary didn’t stand a chance.

However, in spite of Sarah having moved on from Gary, Adam’s interest in the builder has increased, and this week, he digs a bit further.

As Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) seemingly disappears, Craig (Colson Smith) investigates — looking into the loan shark’s relationship with Gary. The young police officer discovers that Rick has gone abroad — something which piques Adam’s interest.

Unable to let sleeping dogs lie, Adam begins to quiz Sarah about her ex. However, his main priority is working out how she got the bruises on her arm several weeks back. Will Sarah reveal all?

What’s more, while Rick’s disappearance could well be enough to convince the solicitor that Gary has committed murder, could his investigation turn up anything about the circumstances in which Rana’s died?

He’s proven himself capable of getting to the bottom of plenty of conundrums in the past, so Gary’s days as a free man could well be numbered with Adam on the case!

One to watch: Monday 24th June at 8:30pm on ITV.

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