Adult Material was delayed as sex scenes ‘were too graphic’ for before 10pm

Channel 4 's raunchiest ever show Adult Material is returning to your TVs tonight after it was put on hold for being "too graphic".

The porn industry drama was reportedly supposed to be aired in the spring but according to sources bosses at Channel 4 made the decision to delay airing it until now.

And now the show is listed to air on the channel tonight at 10pm as the scenes were so racy they were too inappropriate for any earlier.

It was also reportedly delayed due to bosses worrying that it would be out-shadowed by the daily coronavirus updates which on average are bringing in a huge viewership of 6.5million viewers in the UK for broadcasters.

A source said back in May: "Channel 4 are incredibly proud of this brave drama and see it as one of the jewels in the crown of its TV shows in 2020.

"So they want to give it the best chance possible of developing an audience.

"That's very difficult at 10pm, when people are preoccupied with getting the latest on that day's events."

Head of drama at Channel 4, Caroline Hollick, confirmed at the time: "We're hugely proud of this bold, funny, ground-breaking drama and will be launching the series later in the year."

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Prior to lockdown, the channel shared a teaser trailer of the new drama which they hope will be a hit thanks to its raunchy sex scenes.

Starring Hayley Squires as the main character Jolene Dollar, the four-part series is set to give a glimpse into the adult industry from a female performer's point of view.

It follows the story of mum-of-three Jolene who is introduced to a 19-year-old porn star called Amy.

Jolene takes Amy her under her wing, trying to protect her from some of the choices she makes.

It will follow their friendship as viewers will see both Jolene's personal life and career start to unravel.

The series also stars Rupert Everett as Jolene's friend and producer Caroll Quinn, while Game of Thrones star Joe Dempsie will play Jolene's long-term partner Rich.

If the trailer is anything to go by… expect plenty of sex, arguments, fiery drama and even some court scenes.

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