‘AGT’ Recap: Some Acts Get Red X Buzzers in 4th Round of Qualifiers

In a new episode of the long-running NBC talent competition show, 11 more acts hit the stage in front of the judges in hopes of getting two spots in the Finals.

AceShowbiz -It’s time for the fourth round of “America’s Got Talent” Qualifiers. In a new episode of season 17 that aired on Tuesday, August 30, 11 more acts hit the stage in hopes of getting two spots in the Finals.

Kicking off the night was tap dancer Bayley Graham. For his performance that night, Bayley danced to Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You”. Judge Heidi Klum loved the performance as she praised Bayley for his “great charisma” and “great showmanship.” Howie Mandel also gushed over him, saying, “This stage is lucky to have you.” Simon Cowell, however, thought that it was “slightly underwhelming.”

Following it up was A capella group Acapop! which performed another original song. Howie, however, wasn’t impressed as he pressed his red X, saying that he felt like he was at a “school assembly.” Sofia Vergara and Simon agreed. While Simon said that the group’s song choice wasn’t great, their “raw talent is unbelievable.”

Later, dancing magician Jannick Holst took the stage to bring fun with his performance. Heidi totally loved it as she raved, “You really are everything.” Simon, however, hoped Jannick would show more magic rather than his “horrible” dancing.

Singing a touching rendition of Lauren Spencer-Smith‘s “Flowers” in honor of his mom was Lee Collinson. Simon felt like Lee “overthought the song choice.” Sofia echoed the sentiment as she admitted that Lee’s performance was “a little bit of a disappointment because of the song.” Meanwhile, Heidi commended Lee’s sweet and pure voice.

The next act was ventriloquist Jack Williams. Howie didn’t think that was Jack’s best, but Sofia told Jack, “I thought you were great.” Simon also praised Jack, calling the act “really clever” and “the best act by mile tonight.” Metaphysic performed next, singing “Nessun Dorma” as “Simon,” “Howie,” and “Terry Crews.” Simon was impressed as he declared that this act wasn’t just the best act of the night, it’s “the best, I believe, of the series so far.”

Lazy Generation performed next, but it was total mess. Sofia pressed her red X while Simon oddly gave the group a standing ovation. Sofia said that this is “not something I want to see ever again,” with Howie calling the performance “nuts.”

Opera singer and impressionist Merissa Beddows hoped to wow the judges and the audience with her impressions of Celine Dion, Cher and Evanescence‘s Amy Lee. Merissa did as Sofia said that she loved Merissa’s “spectacular” voice. Later, nine-year-old metal singer Harper attempted to show a different side of herself by performing an original song. Heidi said that it was “fascinating.”

Later, comedian Mike E. Winfield earned praises with his latest standup routine. Simon called it a “star performance” for him, adding, “I think America are going to put you through to the finals.” Howie even invited Mike to open his New York show if he doesn’t get through to the Finals.

Rounding out the night was Heidi’s Golden Buzzer Lily Meola. For the Qualifiers, she opted to sing her original song titled “Butterfly”. Simon said that singing an original song is always a risky decision, but he praised Lily for making the “right choice” with “Butterfly”.

Only two of them will be heading to the Finals. The results will be announced in the Wednesday, August 31 episode.

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