Alison Hammond exposes Maxine's lies in Hollyoaks?

Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes in Hollyoaks with claims that she’s suffering from a serious debilitating illness, but with This Morning’s Alison Hammond set to make a surprise appearance in the village, will the truth finally be revealed?

For several months now, Maxine has been lying about her illness so that Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) will feel compelled to stick by her. She’s been incredibly convincing, having feigned a variety of different symptoms, as well as taking Jack Osborne’s (Jimmy McKenna) heart medication in order to make herself sick.

Damon has been incredibly supportive throughout the whole period, and demonstrated his commitment to her time and again. He even popped the question after her stint in hospital!

Things having certainly been quiet on the Maxine front as of late, so the young woman takes advantage of her engagement party, hoping to become the centre of attention once more. During the event, she falls out with Damon.

Not satisfied with her efforts, she decides to go the next level by calling up This Morning and speaking directly to Alison Hammond, telling her all about her illness on live telly. What’s more, she claims that Damon has left her in her hour of need!

How will poor Damon react? He’s done nothing but support her from day one, so it’s safe to assume the young lad will be hurt by her actions.

Things get complicated the following day when Alison arrives in the village, hoping to interview Maxine personally! Later, Maxine receives an unexpected call from the hospital, telling her to come in as quickly as possible.

What’s the emergency at the hospital? Could it perhaps be linked to her appearance on national telly? If so, then her lies could be about to blow up in her face.

One to watch: Thursday 13th June at 7pm on E4.

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