Alyson Stoner Returns to 'Ellen' 17 Years Later, Talks Missy Elliott VMA Performance

“It was absolutely perfect,” Stoner said of performing with Missy Elliott at the VMAs.

Alyson Stoner returned to the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday, 17 years after her first appearance when she was a kid.

Ellen first showed a cute clip of the actress teaching her to dance back during the show’s freshman season, which was shortly after Stoner, now 26, had her big break starring in Missy Elliott’s "Work It" music video.

"Our first season, I saw the Missy Elliott video," Ellen recalled. "And I was like, ‘there’s this little girl in this video that is so good’…We had you on the show and look at you now!"

When Stoner asked if she could be Ellen’s "unofficial time capsule of the show," Ellen replied, "I think you are. I think I’m going to watch you and the season grow and watch me age."

Stoner also spoke about her big moment last month, where Missy invited her to appear on stage during her epic Video Vanguard performance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. The "Camp Rock" star proved she can still work it like it’s 2002.

"It was absolutely perfect," Stoner said of the performance. "First of all, credit goes towards Missy for allowing me to participate and honor her and kind of recreate that timeless moment."

The dancer, who just hit 1 million followers on Instagram, went on to talk about how she recently "downsized" by donating the majority of her possessions. According to Stoner, all of her belongings can fit in her car.

"The simpler your life is, the more room you have for your health and relationships to flourish," she said of her inspiration behind the big change. "It was very easy to go as wild and luxurious as the entertainment industry can seem to be."

"[Now] I can fit all my belongings in my car and you just have this weightlessness," Stoner added.

Since she got rid of her television, Ellen gifted the star with a huge flat screen. However, Stoner joked it might not fit in her studio apartment.

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