AMC Monthly Movie Ticket Subscription Program Crosses 860K Members On One-Year Anniversary

A year ago today, AMC Theatres launched its AMC Stubs A-List program where for $19.95 a month in 34 states, moviegoers can get three movie tickets a week, plus other benefits. Also, close to a year ago today, MoviePass largely imploded after the opening of Paramount’s Mission: Impossible-Fallout, curbing back on a majority of its benefits under its $9.95/unlimited movies a month plan.

Unlike MoviePass which mushroomed to 3 million subscribers in less than a year’s time, thus burning down the house to keep warm, AMC has been careful to grow their monthly ticket subs gradually to 860, 129 members in North America. Part of that has to do with the differentiating monthly price in certain states, i.e. in Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington state and The District of Columbia, A-List is $21.95 per month, plus tax whereas in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, A-List is $23.95 per month, plus tax. Members also enjoy a number of benefits, i.e. free premium upgrades (i.e. Imax, Premium Large Format tickets, 3D), RSVPing tickets ahead with no ticket fees, concession upgrades and refills.

Said Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Theatres: “This one-year anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on the enormous success of the AMC Stubs A-List program. Prior to launching A-List last summer, we set an initial goal of 500,000 members after one year and a second goal of 1 million by June 26, 2020. Based on our research and best estimations at the time, those goals seemed aggressive but attainable heading into the launch of the program. Given the overwhelmingly positive moviegoer reception we received the moment A-List was announced, it quickly became clear the program would exceed those expectations. Indeed, we crossed 500,000 members within four-and-a-half months, and now sit at more than 860,000 members today.”

Aron added, “Equally exciting, A-List has increased moviegoing. Our A-List members have visited our AMC theatres more than 20 million times in the program’s first year to watch movies as they are meant to be seen, in theatres on the big screen.”

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