Amy Winehouse will sing again after her family approve a hologram of her performances

FANS of Amy Winehouse will finally be able to see her perform once more – as a hologram.

Last month marked a decade since the singer’s death and her family previously approved a tour with her as a virtual image on stage.

But plans were put on hold in early 2019 following disapproval from fans.

Now, the company behind the technology has said it is going to be revived and the gigs will see the Back To Black star back on top form, wiping away memories of her distressing performances when she appeared drunk on stage.

Marty Tudor, the head of Base Holograms, said: “We’re trying to celebrate the artist. 

“So bad on me if I present Amy Winehouse as she was in the end. Frankly, I wouldn’t do that.” A new book called Leaving The Building, by Eamonn Forde, tells how the music industry can sometimes exploit dead stars.

 In it, Marty – who has sent holograms of Whitney Houston and Buddy Holly on tour – added: “I could probably say 80 per cent of artists have had some sort of problem, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, whatever.

“But that’s not what their genius is about. And that’s what we want to celebrate with Amy.”

I have been sceptical about hologram tours over the years.

 But I was told that Whitney’s UK concerts early last year were well worth a ticket.

Sir Elton John previously said he had banned his kids from creating a virtual version of him when he dies.

It’s a good thing he has plenty more concerts scheduled while he’s alive, then.

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