Animal Kingdom EP Tells the Part of Deran's Story Viewers Didn't Get to See

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s series finale of Animal Kingdom. If you’d prefer to watch first, read later, what are you doing here? Amscray!

Sunday’s series finale of Animal Kingdom left Jake Weary’s Deran on the lowest of low notes. Smurf’s youngest son had been double-crossed by nephew J, beloved brother Craig had been fatally shot in a convenience-store holdup, and eventually, Deran would have to find out that oldest sibling Pope had also perished. But the end of the show isn’t necessarily the end of the character’s story, EP Daniele Nathanson tells TVLine.

Animal Kingdom Series Finale: Full Recap

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The way she sees it, Deran manages to elude the authorities and eventually makes his way back to Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark), the lost love that he sent packing for his own safety in the Season 4 finale (recapped here). “This is 100-percent what I believe happens,” she says, adding that it doesn’t mean that Deran breaks his last promise to Craig. “I believe he hooks up first with Renn, discusses what they’re going to do with [her and Craig’s infant son] Nick, and he also reaches out to Adrian. They can form some type of family unit.”

So Adrian is able to get past the fact that he’s been banished to Indonesia and, when last we saw him, considered Deran to be the worst thing that ever happened to him? Yep, says Nathanson. “I believe Adrian will take him back. They’ve all been through a lot. The plan had actually been for Deran to go and see if Adrian would [forgive him].

“There is no doubt,” she continues “that he is going to keep his promise to Craig, but that doesn’t exclude him being with Adrian.”

Are you glad to hear that Deran and Adrian get a happy ending? Or do you feel cheated that you didn’t get to see it play out on screen?

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