Antiques Roadshow guest snaps after being mocked over jug valuation ‘You’re the expert!’

Antiques Roadshow: Expert quizzes guest over origins of her jug

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Antiques Roadshow visited Newby Hall in Yorkshire on Sunday as expert Lars Tharp took a look at an interesting jug with an equine history. However, the BBC expert offended the owner of the item during the valuation when he questioned an assumption she made about the piece which was subsequently valued at £200.

Lars began: “Well only a brief glimpse of this and you are immediately into the territory of the blacksmith and we are only a few hundred yards from Ripon Racecourse and only a matter of hundred yards from the stables here.

“So all of these tools that we see on this jug would be familiar to blacksmiths, tell me about it.”

“I bought it quite a long time ago because I’ve been involved in horses all my life and I was intrigued by the decoration on it,” the owner replied.

“Your association with horses,” Lars asked. “Are you a farrier?”

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“No, not now,” she said and the expert added: “But you were…”

“I have a shod a horse in the dim and distant past under extreme supervision,” she admitted.

“The reason I ask is, in that case, you can tell me what some of these things are,” Lars said. “What are these torches?”

“Well it’s a bit like a bunsen burner and the strange table is where you’d have the coals,” the guest explained. 

“What’s that?” Lars asked pointing to the jug and the guest replied: “Striking hammer you’d use on the anvil.”

“You’ve got the anvil there and the bellows including this nifty…,” Lars commented.

Interrupting, the owner clarified: “Yes you [use it to] make it go faster.”

“And that to me suggests undoubtedly this piece was made for a blacksmith,” the expert stated.

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“I’d imagine so,” she agreed and he added: “It wasn’t just random decoration.”

“When was this made do you have any idea?” Lars asked and she guessed: “Sort of vaguely 1700 I don’t really know.”

Mocking her suggestion, the expert repeated: “1700” and she hit back: “Well you’re the expert!”

“It’s about 1800 more likely to be 1790 than 1800,” Lars clarified. “The glaze itself, this is a lead glaze, blueish in tone because it’s got a little bit of iron in it and it has a generic name pearl wear pearly blue.

“I think this is Staffordshire so it’s not moved very far from its home. Unfortunately working with a blacksmith can be dangerous.

“This jug has seen its fair share of violence, you’ve got a break to the spout but that’s about all I can’t see any other the damage there. I think it’s a lovely thing, so value what did you pay for it?”

“A tenner,” she replied. “Living dangerously,” and the expert revealed: “If you wanted to buy another one today I think you’d have to pay between £100 to £200.”

“Thank you very much I’m really pleased to find out about it,” the owner said.

Antiques Roadshow continues on BBC One on Sunday at 8pm.

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