Antiques Roadshow guest thrilled with value of £5 film score

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Justin Croft was captivated by a musical score which belonged to American composer Bernard Herrmann on a recent instalment of Antiques Roadshow. The guest came across the score, which was covered in annotations, at a car boot sale and bought it for £5 without realising its historical significance. He was thrilled when Justin revealed how much it could fetch at auction.

Justin began: “So we are looking at a musical score here, it is quite an extensive musical score, but there are a few clues which can help us tell what is here.

“So I am immediately seeing in the top left-hand corner the words reel nine part one.”

He could tell it was a film score and the name Bernard Herrmann was written all over the sheet. 

Bernard was a famous composer and the guest said: “I had heard of him obviously from the Psycho score which is probably his most famous.” 

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Justin replied: “That’s absolutely right, if you have watched that Alfred Hitchcock film, you have heard of Bernard Herrmann.”

The score came in a “rather scruffy folder” which included various other items as well, but the guest did not go into much detail about the other things in the folder. 

However, he admitted: “I found it at a car boot sale and it was on top of a large box of theatre programmes. 

“There was a man in front of me and it was offered off for £5 but he didn’t want it so I gladly took it.” 

He added: “I had a quick look through but for what was in the box, and it certainly looked like it was worthwhile for £5.”

He placed the score in his car to take it back home and said it was “pure luck” the manuscript was on top. 

Justin then revealed: “This is Bernard Herrmann’s own copy of one film score. This is for The Snows of Kilimanjaro which came out in the early 1950s. 

“What I like about it is there is a lot of annotation and that takes us closer to matching the score with the film.”

He said the red scribbles on the paper show the composer attempting to match his s

The expert explained how much he thought the item could fetch at auction. 

Justin noted: “I think it does have some value. It may not be his most important film score, it’s not the one which everyone knows him for. 

“But it is one of his most respected scores which will perhaps stand the test of time. 

“For you to have an original version of it with his corrections and with his annotation done at the time of fitting it with the film together, I think that is important.”

Justin thought the item could be worth between £800 and £1,000 at auction which his guest thought was “lovely” and “not bad for £5”. 

It was not revealed whether the guest kept the score or decided to sell it. 

Antiques Roadshow episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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