Armie Hammer's 'ex' says he 'wanted her to live in cage to serve him' after she accused him of rape and cannibal desires

ARMIE Hammer's accuser has claimed he wanted her to "live in a cage" to "serve" him.

The woman behind the anonymous Instagram account, House Of Effie, alleged that the actor, 34, wanted her to be his "slave".

Earlier this month, House Of Effie accused Armie of sending disturbing messages about BDSM, rape fantasies, having "slaves" and "drinking blood."

This inspired other women to come forward with similar allegations.

And on Tuesday, House Of Effie claimed the Call Me By Your Name star "fantasized" about locking her up.

When asked by a fan, "Did you see a future with him?" she replied: "No. He would daydream and fantasize a lot about 'having a life together' and me being 'completely his 24/7' and 'living in a cafe entirely to serve him'."

House Of Effie added: "In light of what I've learned over the past couple weeks, he already had slaves living almost like that.

"It seems his goal was to own as many kittens as possible."

Another fan asked if House Of Effie "felt safe" from Armie.

She replied: "I'm sure he will attempt to retaliate eventually."

"What matters to me now is that some of you girls and boys got inspired and spoke out against your abusers and took your power back. That means the world to me."

The Sun has contacted Armie's rep for comment.

House Of Effie previously claimed she had an affair with Armie from 2016 until 2020, while he was still married to Elizabeth Chambers, who he has two children with.

One of his alleged messages reads: "I am 100 percent a cannibal. I want to eat you."

"You just live to obey and be my slave. If I wanted to cut off one of your toes and keep it with me in my pocket so I always had a piece of you in my possession?" another says.

Another of Armie's exes, Courtney Vucekovich, claimed he said he wanted to “break, barbecue and eat her ribs". 

She told the Daily Mail: “He was really into saying he wants to break one of your ribs and eat it. Like barbecue it and eat it."

“In terms of the BDSM stuff, he made that pretty clear that it is something he is interested in very early on in the relationship and he referenced breaking my ribs often," she added.

Since the scandal, videos from Armie's private Instagram account have been leaked showing a lingerie-clad woman reportedly waiting on his bed as well him "bragging about drug use".

Writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez – who was spotted on a date with the actor in September – claimed the disturbing texts are "real."

She tweeted: "If you are still questioning whether or not those Armie Hammer DMs are real (and they are) maybe you should start questioning why we live in a culture willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims."

His estranged wife Elizabeth is said to be "going through hell" after the leaked DM controversy broke.

They announced they were filing for divorce last July after 10 years of marriage, amid rumors that he had an affair with actress Lily James.

An insider told The Sun: "Everything is just so crazy and disturbing right now. Elizabeth is doing the best that can be expected."

The source went on: "Her kids are her number one priority, she has been going through hell and she is just trying to protect them. 

"His behavior is atrocious. She was willing to fight for her family and repair what he readily threw away until it became very clear to her he no longer valued their vows or family."

Armie called the leaked messages a "vicious online attack" against him, while revealing he's been ousted from playing the love interest in Jennifer Lopez's film, Shotgun Wedding.

"I’m not responding to these bulls**t claims," he told TMZ.

"But in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.

"Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I’m grateful to them for that."

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