‘Ashamed’ Gloria Hunniford admits huge Diana faux pas which saw her flee Palace

Loose Women presenter Gloria Hunniford finally admitted a huge faux pas she made in front of Princess Diana which she had kept secret for decades.

Panelist Charlene White began the segment by discussing a recent Instagram post from former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

She had shared a snap of her son Romeo as they ate dinner together, wearing a bathrobe and scrolling on his phone next to a pizza box. The fashion designer joked in the caption: “Conversation is thrilling.”

The panelists turn the conversation towards their own mobile hang ups, complaining about their loved ones’ ringtones and how annoying they find them.

It was Northern Irish presenter Gloria Hunniford’s turn to share her stories and she had quite the embarrassing moment in front of the late royal.

“When the grandchildren come, because I don’t see them everyday, I take the phones and I ban them because I want to hear their chat, I want to hear their news.”

Nadia butted in to say: “Wait a minute, you made a massive faux pas at Kensington Palace!”

Gloria replied: “In my defence it was a very long time ago and I’m rather ashamed of it. It was my first ever phone, and I had it in my bag at some kind of press conference that Princess Diana was at.

“I was at the front because I wanted to see Princess Diana and her delivery. Next thing, in the middle of a really crucial point, this phone went off. I’m looking around, looking for a phone. I’m looking at everybody and going ‘Oh?’”

“As she finishes her last word, I’m out over at the door, I’m gone.”

The Loose Women panelists were in stitches at Gloria’s mishap and the conversation moved on to Nadia Sawalha: “My kids don’t have their phones on at all while they’re eating.”

Suddenly, This Is Me from The Greatest Showman began playing and Nadia said: “Oh that’s mine, I’m a bit embarrassed. I was drunk when I chose it and I haven’t been drunk enough since to change it.”

Charlene then said in disbelief: “Everytime your phone rings you hear this?”

“I mostly have it on silent,” said Nadia.

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