Audrey Roberts discovers Nick Tilsley's shocking secret in Corrie

The truth will always, always out and despite Nick Tilsley’s (Ben Price) best efforts, his secret is about to become hot topic of conversation for the Platts and Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

The family and their other halves all head off on a little getaway, but both Nick and David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) are shocked when Natalie shows up with some worrying news.

Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) is pretty put out when she spots David in close conversation with Natalie, and she sees red – telling David the engagement is off.

Meanwhile, supersleuth Gail (Helen Worth) – who was the one to sort of foil Lewis Archer’s scheme – has clocked that Natalie’s tattoo looks familiar.

She Googles her and zooms in on her online profile photo – and memory-like-an-elephant Gail recognises it as the girl from the CCTV footage stealing Audrey’s money!

She calls the police – and Nick and David are left pretty damn worried.

David finds Audrey sitting by the lake and plucks up the courage to tell her the truth. Nick realises what he’s doing and hurries over just as David drops on her that Nick stole the money, but he helped him spend it.

Audrey is left absolutely floored. The family return to Weatherfield where Nick tells Leanne David forced him to steal the money.

Nick then offers David a deal – take the rap for the £80k and Nick will hand over his half of the Barber’s.

Will David be tempted to say yes?

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