Axell Hodges Bows Out of History's 'Evel Live 2' After Training Crash Injury

Live event to be reformatted, History said Friday


Daredevil Axell Hodges sustained serious injuries in a crash during a practice jump, ands will no longer ride in History’s upcoming “Evel Live 2,” the network announced Friday. The live event, airing this Sunday, is being reformatted to include footage of his crash, though it will still feature Vicki Golden’s live attempt to break the motorcycle firewall world record.

“Having a crash ahead of something you’ve been working so hard toward just plain sucks,” Hodges said. “The team and I were making a lot of progress during testing and the distances we were approaching looked good for Sunday’s event. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in air and wasn’t able to adjust in time for landing. I’m shocked I’m not in worse shape and feel extremely grateful to have been able to get up from this crash.”

Hodges was attempting to best a record set by Robbie Maddison in 2011 — jumping 378 feet and 9 inches on a motorcycle — when he crashed and seriously hurt both of his ankles.

Footage of Hodges’ crash will be shown in the revamped live event, which starts at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on History. Four-time X Games medalist Vicki Golden will attempt to become the first woman to break the

Golden will be the first female to attempt to break the motorcycle firewall record (riding her motorcycle through a series of flaming boards), which was set at 12 back in 2007.

“When pushing the limits of what is possible, risk comes with the territory, and the extraordinary feats which Vicki and Axell have been training so hard for contain so much risk that few riders would even think of taking them on,” said Andy Edwards, CEO of Nitro Circus, History’s partner for the live event. “While Axell is devastated not to be able to ride this Sunday, we know he is excited for Vicki as she aims to make history.”

“Daredevils throughout history have risked their lives, putting it all on the line during their death defying stunts,” said Eli Lehrer, executive vice president and general manager for History. “It takes a certain type of hero to fall and get back up again.”

“Evel Live 2” will broadcast live from the San Bernardino International Airport in California. Travis Pastrana, who broke two of Eval Knievel’s records during last year’s “Evel Live,” will co-host with Matt Iseman  of “America Ninja Warrior.” Former Miss USA and ESPN reporter Kimberly Pressler will report from the sidelines, and “Good Morning America’s” Ginger Zee will serve as a weather analyst. Roundtable panelists will include sports analyst Jimmy Coleman, current distance record holder Robbie Maddison, and Road & Track magazine deputy editor Bob Sorokanich.

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