'B Positive': Why the Season 2 Premiere Was Pushed Back?

CBS’ fall premieres continued on Oct. 7. The Thursday lineup consisted of many returning TV shows, including Young Sheldon and United States of Al. However, fans noticed the absence of the series B Positive. But there’s no need for fans to worry; the series is coming back for another season.

‘B Positive’ premiere is slightly delayed

Fans were anticipating the Season 2 premiere of B Positive, which was initially supposed to take place on Oct. 7. However, there was a slight change in plans. The reason is because of CBS’s new sitcom Ghosts, which had an hour-long premiere.

Although it was a slight inconvenience, fans will be happy to hear B Positive will be back soon. According to TVGuide.com, the Season 2 premiere will debut on Oct. 14 in its regular 9:30 pm timeslot. Based on upcoming previews, fans can expect many adjustments as characters Drew Dunbar (Thomas Middleditch) and Gina Dabrowski (Annaleigh Ashford) recover from their surgery.

The show’s premise

B Positive is about the friendship of Drew and Gina. When Drew learns he needs a kidney transplant, Gina is a perfect match. The show has plenty of humorous and sweet moments as Drew and Gina adjust to the changes in their lives.

The Season 1 finale showed the two preparing for their upcoming surgery. Season 2 opens with the friends dealing with newfound attitudes following their transplant. Previews for the premiere suggest Gina will devote her time to giving back to the residents at the senior center. Meanwhile, Drew believes he’s fallen in love with Gina.

Casting changes in Season 2 of ‘B Positive’

Fans might notice some changes in the new season. Of course, the show’s primary and supporting cast is returning, but there will also be fresh faces. Hector Elizondo, Jane Seymour, Ben Vereen, Celia Weston, and Anna Maria Horsford will be new residents and employees at Gina’s senior center.

The show also has a recast involving a central character. According to TVLine.com, Michelle Ortiz is replacing Rosa Salazar as Adriana, Drew’s girlfriend. Many adjustments are occurring in Season 2, but B Positive fans are ready for a dose of the feel-good comedy they love from eh show.

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