'Bachelor in Paradise': Fans Are Asking Why Caelynn Miller-Keyes Isn't in Dean Unglert's Recent Instagram Post

[Spoilers ahead for Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert’s relationship from Bachelor in Paradise!]

Bachelor in Paradise is quickly approaching its end — and while fans have seen heartbreak, they’ve also seen love flourish. One of the most interesting couples to come out of Paradise involves Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. When Miller-Keyes arrived on the beach, she was still hung up on her past relationship with Blake Horstmann. But after setting eyes on Unglert, the two hit it off immediately, and she was completely smitten.

Unglert had trouble committing to Miller-Keyes at first, and he dumped her on the beach on her birthday after claiming their relationship would never work outside of the show. But after he regretted his mistake and came back, Miller-Keyes followed him off the show. The two are together still, but fans are wondering just how serious they are considering Miller-Keyes hasn’t been in recent Instagram posts from Unglert’s travels.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes has already posted a ton about Dean Unglert on her Instagram

Before Unglert made his triumphant return to Paradise, he and Miller-Keyes were leaving clues on Instagram that they were making their relationship work outside of the show. They both were sharing photos on social media that showed they were in the same exotic locations. And while Miller-Keyes quickly deleted a few of hers upon fan speculation, they started leaving even more obvious hints as Unglert’s return to Paradise drew nearer on the show.

Now that we know Unglert and Miller-Keyes left Paradise together, they both have made it clear on the ‘gram that they’re still together. And Miller-Keyes has created a number of posts on her Instagram and Instagram Story that show just how much she cares for Unglert. “Lots of ramen, very few showers, and a whole lot of happiness,” she captioned this post of the two of them in Unglert’s van. And she also added a post to her Instagram Story claiming she signed up for a two-year phone plan with him.

Unglert mentioned he’s never allowing Miller-Keyes on his podcast

The two may be thick as thieves, but it looks like Unglert won’t ever allow Miller-Keyes to be part of some aspects of his life. Bachelor Nation fans are well-aware that Unglert has a podcast titled, Help! I Suck at Dating .... And while fans would love to hear Miller-Keyes talk about their relationship, Unglert made it clear that he’s never allowing her on the show.

As he said in a recent episode of the podcast, “I’m never gonna have her as a guest on this podcast.” While the other stars of the podcast seemed surprised to hear this, Unglert added, “That’s non-negotiable. … I don’t need other people from the outside looking in judging our relationship that I’m happy in. … It’s a non-negotiable, she’s never gonna be a guest on this podcast and that is final.”

Fans are wondering where Miller-Keyes is in Unglert’s post

They may have signed up for a phone plan together, but after Unglert was so adamant about not letting his girlfriend on his podcast, fans may have wondered if the two are really that serious. And while Unglert and Miller-Keyes were clearly traveling together before, fans are wondering where Miller-Keyes is in Unglert’s recent Instagram photos, as they look to be in two totally separate locations.

Unglert posted this video of him with his friends in the desert, and a fan asked, “Where is Caelynnnnnnn?” Another questioned, “W- Where’s Caelynn?” And others grew annoyed that Unglert wouldn’t answer fan questions regarding where his relationship stands.

It seems we may get some answers after the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, however. There’s a good chance Unglert and Miller-Keyes can’t say that much until it airs — but after that, we’re hoping to hear that their relationship is still going strong!

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