'Bachelor in Paradise' Producers Might Have Planted That Phone for Ivan Hall to Find

I know you’re still recovering from sacrificing three entire hours of your life this week to Bachelor in Paradise, but we have much to discuss. Specifically, whether or not producers planted a phone for Ivan Hall to find at the hotel.

To get everyone on the same page real quick, a brief recap: Bachelor in Paradise contestants had to stay in a hotel mid-season due to extreme weather on the beach, and apparently Ivan got access to a producer’s phone. As he put it, “There was a phone in my room, a producer’s phone, it was just there. It was literally the first thing on the screen, I didn’t go searching for anything, it was a screenshot of the room numbers and stuff.”

Ivan ended up finding new contestant Alexa’s room number, secretly chilled with her, and ended up getting kicked off the show as a result. It was a lot! And naturally people have questions, including but not limited to: WAS THAT PHONE PLANTED?

According to former Bachelor star Kelley Flanagan, yep.

I mean…!!!! Bachelor producers obviously haven’t/won’t respond to this speculation, so time for a poll:

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