Bachelorette fans accuse show of 'hiding' Hunter Montgomery's Tourette's syndrome battle to make him the new 'villain'

FANS accuse The Bachelorette of "hiding" Hunter Montgomery's Tourette's syndrome to make him the new "villain" after Thomas Jacobs' elimination.

The contestant joined the cast as a single father of two and has since stirred controversy among the others.

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Show lead Katie Thurston, 30, took to Twitter to defend Hunter Montgomery, 35, as she claimed the star has "Tourettes."

"Remember you only get to see a portion of who these men are. For example, you probably didn’t know Hunter has #Tourettes."

She continued: "So I encourage everyone to think twice before commenting negative things about these men. #TheBachelorette."

Fans were shocked, as they slammed the Bachelor franchise for disregarding Hunter's disability and portraying him as a new "villain."

"If production was aware of this- maybe they shouldn’t have given him the edit they did," one reasoned.

A second wrote: "Agreed. I’ve noticed that they included his sinus snorting a lot when it didn’t seem necessary as if they wanted to make it seem like he just has a gross habit.

"If that’s one of his tics, producers should’ve been more respectful by not emphasizing it at all or w/o explanation."

"Hunter hadn't won me over or anything but the way he was edited and frankenbitten last night was shameless," a third complained.

"Tell production that creating a fake villain narrative is icky and distracting for viewers, in addition to super shitty for the target. Not worth it," they closed.

Hunter is one of the 15 remaining men competing for Katie's love on The Bachelorette.

Although he has garnered a fairly big platform on social media, he very rarely posts photos with his two young children.

In 2017, the contestant celebrated 10 years of sobriety, and he is now 14 years clean.

He has since used his time to advocate for others in their fight against addiction.

"A lot of families in San Angelo rely on Hunter for hope and placing family in rehab for addiction," his sister Natalie revealed.

"He's also an interventionist and big advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. He's just a wonderful human, loving man and father."

Hunter has been pinned as the season's new "villain" after Thomas Jacobs' elimination last week.

The San Diego-based realtor was axed by a furious Katie who claimed he "used her" while on the show.

After several other contestants accused Thomas of being on The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons, the season lead confronted him.

In a heated moment, Katie screamed at the real estate agent, saying: "He said that you're here for fame!"

Although Thomas denied the allegations, Katie and current host Tayshia had a conversation about his intentions.

"He admitted that he came here to be the next bachelor," she told Chris Harrison's replacements.

"At the end of the day, he was thinking about himself, and he was thinking how he was going to use you to propel himself," Tayshia replied.

"I was thinking about hometowns with this guy," Katie said.

"He sounds to me like a sweet talker," Kaitlyn added.

Despite not receiving a rose in the final ceremony, Thomas was tapped to join Bachelor in Paradise next season.

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