BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker forced to step in as Louise Minchin has coughing fit

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It's every TV presenter's nightmare – being unable to talk live on air, and it happened to Louise Minchin on Tuesday's BBC Breakfast.

They had been broadcasting a news piece about a baby beaver that has been born, when Louise could be heard coughing.

The camera cut back to Louise as Dan looked concerned, asking if she was alright.

Louise nodded as she continued coughing, before adding "Sorry, yes, I think so."

"Do you need a cup of tea?" he asked worriedly as he looked over at Louise.

"I've got one!" said Louise as she reached for her mug to try and make things better.

"Get Louise a cup of tea!" called Dan at the same time half-jokingly, raising his arms to the producers.

"Oh, she's got one" he added as Louise took a drink.

"I'm alright, you carry on" as she waved her arms at him to stop fussing, before taking a drink.

Dan stepped in as Louise looked embarrassed, saying: "While Louise greases the wheels, here's the weather where you are."

She sounded like she still had a tickle in her throat, and was trying not to cough as she talked.

The pair were then joined by a professor of child health medicine talking about whether masks should continue to be used.

Fans were admiring Louise's dress online, and commenting that the presenters are "more awake" than they were the day before.

They shared a picture on social media looking bright-eyed on the sofa, in sharp contrast to Monday's snap where Dan was seen lying face down out of tiredness after a late night for the football.

Louise wrote under the snap: "Good morning, it may not look like it but we have had considerably more sleep ahead of today's BBC Breakfast."

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