BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty chides Carol Kirkwood for standing up for Charlie

The funny exchange began when BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt started his interview with Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar, who plays lead Ted Hastings on the BBC show.

Charlie, clearly a fan of the show, asked Adrian to deliver one of his iconic lines from the new trailer, but misunderstanding the question, he read it in quite a deadpan tone.

Disappointed, Charlie exclaimed: "You threw that away," as Adrian snapped he was going to "throw you away".

Finding the whole moment hilarious, Naga laughed in response and as the interview came to an end she wondered if Charlie would wear the Hastings’ actor’s comments as a "badge of honour".

"Do you wear it a little bit as a badge of honour that Hastings threatened to throw you out – throw you away?" she asked.

Not really seeing the funny side as much, presenter Charlie considered: "Yeah, yeah that works, that’s good."

"It’s quite a cool thing that you got physically threatened by Hastings," Naga pressed, but Charlie seemed to want to move on as he quickly switched to weather favourite Carol Kirkwood.

But Naga wasn’t ready to let it go, and she even brought the long-standing reporter into their conversation too.

"Carol you understand where he was coming from though, Adrian Dunbar was coming from though don’t you?"

"Oh poor Charlie," Carol said gently, leaving Naga incredibly nonplussed.

"Oh Carol, please come on!" Naga chided quite bluntly, before giggling away.

It seemed Naga was simply wishing Adrian had said he was going to throw her away, but the presenter finally left the discussion behind.

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Laughing ahead of her weather forecast, Carol did concede: "Isn’t he brilliant, the casting of Line of Duty. I’m looking forward to it myself!"

It seemed Naga and Charlie were enjoying having some back and forth teasing on the show today as in an earlier segment that saw business reporter Nina Warhurst accidentally forgetting to say his name, Naga pretended to ignore her co-host.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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