Bee And Puppycat Finds New Life On Netflix

Lately, it seems like whenever Netflix comes up, it’s because the streaming giant canceled a show. Once in a while, though, we get some good news. Fan favorite animated series Bee and PuppyCat is getting a second season.

Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space will debut on Netflix in 2022. That’s a long wait, but Bee and PuppyCat fans are used to long waits. The show initially premiered as a two-part short on YouTube in 2013 on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. Cartoon Hangover is a part of Frederator, the studio responsible for producing animated series like Adventure Time, Castlevania, The Fairly OddParents, and Bravest Warriors.

The short gained traction with fans and Frederator turned that into a Kickstarter, which became the most successful animation Kickstarter at that time, and has only been surpassed a handful of times since. The first part of the Bee and PuppyCat series aired on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel in 2014, but fans had to wait until 2016, where the second half appeared on streaming service VRV.

Season 2 was announced in 2017, and word has been sparse since then. Frederator CEO Michael Hirsh, speaking with Polygon, Netflix’s interest in diverse animation styles and in reaching diverse audiences and age demographics as reasons they went with the service.

“They’re really building an audience base for older animation,” Hirsh said. Shows like Bojack Horseman, The Midnight Gospel, and Castlevania are some of Netflix’s many animated series aimed firmly at adults.

Hirsh also called Bee and PuppyCat “a crown jewel” for Frederator, and added that series creator and Adventure Time alum Natasha Allegri have been working on the show for the past three years.

2022 means we have a long wait ahead. In the meantime, the whole first season is available on the official Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel.

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