Ben Shephard’s wife ‘really struggling’ as he returns to GMB after horror injury

Ben Shephard, 46, recently ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) playing football.

The Good Morning Britain host was hospitalised and spent weeks off work due to the extent of his injuries.

Appearing back on GMB for the first time on Monday, Ben revealed how his injury has affected his wife.

Whilst having his leg propped up out of the camera shot Ben said: "If it’s at all possible, could you send some of that love to my wife? Because she’s the one who’s really struggling."

Jokingly, co-host Susanna Reid added, "I know let's think of the real victim here.”

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Ben not only ruptured his ACL, but he also tore his meniscus, the piece of cartilage that provides a cushion between your thigh bone and shinbone.

Speaking to Doctor Hilary about his injuries on GMB Ben joked that he was now an expert on the ACL.

He said: "What the ACL does, it connects the bottom part of the leg to the top otherwise it just flops about a bit."

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Despite being all laughs on the show, Ben has said that since the injury, he has been agony.

Uploading a video to Instagram, Ben showed his 475K followers his high-tech Physio Lab machine.

Ben said he has spent most of his days since the operation hooked up next to the machine that pumps ice-cold water all around his knee to help compress and reduce the swelling.

Despite the injury, Ben is determined to get back on his feet and has been doing a lot of physio work, but said that at times it is "absolute agony."

Despite this, Ben said that physio is a "necessary evil" in his battle to get back to fighting fit.

As he went back to work on GMB, Ben joked that he simply wanted to do the show with his feet up and it wasn't anything to do with an injury.

However, he was quick to bring himself back down to earth and said he should stop pretending he's 25 and not put his body through as much stress.

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