Bill Maher Thinks These 10 Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Should ‘Get Out’ Now

Bill Maher says there’s “overcrowding” among the Democratic presidential field and some of the candidates should “get the f–k out.”

Maher weighed in on this week’s two-night Democratic debate and said time’s up for half of the 20 candidates who qualified for the match-up.

“Look, there’s too many people in this race, right?” he said Friday night on HBO’s Real Time.

Maher then turned to his guest panel, made up of author Max Brooks, New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik and MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid, and told them he was going to cull the field of presidential hopefuls, although he did give his guests veto rights.

“I’m going to get rid of ten of them right now,” Maher quipped while holding a stack of the candidates’ headshots.

The ten contenders he decided to cut were: John Hickenlooper, Michael Bennet, John Delaney, Tim Ryan, Kirsten Gillibrand, Eric Swalwell, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke and Bill de Blasio.

Maher called Hickenlooper a “nice guy,” before adding, “No, get out!”

Reid said she likes O’Rourke, but admitted: “It’s not going well.”

When Maher held up de Blasio’s picture, he broke into “New York New York” and sang: “Start spreading the news, you’re leaving today!”

Watch the video above.

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