Britney Spears says 'body looks a little different' in tiny crop top during conservatorship battle with dad Jamie

BRITNEY Spears confirmed that her recent social media videos are actually pretty old after some concerned fans had been speculating as such.

She updated followers with a brand new dancing video and revealed her “body looks a little different” in it because her last one “was from months ago.”

Fans of the superstar have been extra worried for her after the recent documentary, Framing Britney Spears, put the spotlight on the mistreatment of her over the years.

Many viewers flocked to Britney’s social media to send their love and support, especially as she continues to fight in her conservatorship battle against her dad, Jamie Spears.

Britney, 39, shared her new dance video on Tuesday night to update fans on how she’s been doing and to let them know that she’s been working on making sure she’s healthy and fit.

Wearing just a white ruffled crop top, tiny pink shorts and black half-socks, the mother of two showed off her toned stomach and strong legs while dancing in her living room.

She revealed in the caption: “The last video that I posted of me dancing was from months ago …hence why my body looks a little different in this new video !!!!” 

The 39-year-old jokes that she didn’t opt for an ice cream diet but instead “chose portion control,” which she noted was hard to do “when it comes to Doritos ?? !!!!!” 

Continuing, she wrote: “On a positive note … my body does feel way better now ?? !!!! If you’re wondering why I have socks at the tip of my toes … well I’m waiting for real lyrical shoes  !!!!” 

Britney, who often shares dance videos on Instagram, explained that she’s been getting a lot of blisters on her feet from dancing on the marble floor, which is why she’s getting dance shows soon.

In the meantime, she’s using “white tape covered with a black sock” to keep her feet protected.

She added: “My lyrical shoes come tomorrow and I haven’t worn a pair since I was 9 so I’m sure they’re even better these days !!! God bless and sending love to all of you ?✨!?!!!”

Aside from getting her sweat on from dancing, Britney’s longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari is a personal trainer, running his own company Asghari Fitness, and the couple often go on hikes together.

A few days ago, the pop star even posted a clip of the duo enjoying the blue skies and sunshine out in nature, with Britney jokingly making her boyfriend carry her.

“Are you ok?” she asks him as he carries her on his back, but he assures her he’s doing just fine.

“This is so much fun,” Britney then tells him, before the video cuts to “1 hour later” with her still being carried on his back.

She then alerts him in the joke video that they’re lost and it’s going to take a bit longer of Sam, 27, carrying her before they find their way back.

Britney captioned the post: “Man it’s so much fun out here !!!!! Especially when you don’t have to do ANYTHING AT ALL ????? !!!!! @samasghari”

Britney and Sam – who began dating in 2016 – appear to be stronger than ever, with him even publicly standing up for her and calling out her father on his Instagram Stories.

"Now it's important for people to understand that I have zero respect for someone trying to control our relationship and constantly throwing obstacles our way. In my opinion, Jamie is a total d**k," he raged earlier this month.

Iran-born Sam added: "I won't be going into detail because I've always respected our privacy but at the same time, I didn't come to this country to not be able to express my opinion and freedom."

His rant came after the release of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, which shed light on her mental breakdown, her 13-year conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement. 

Jamie began controlling Britney's financial and personal assets and estate in 2008, after she had a public meltdown.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles judge ruled that he will no longer have sole control of her multi-million dollar fortune following public outcry.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Britney is now “100 percent confident she will take back control of her life again.”

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